We're Jawesome, a web development team based in Porto and specialized in delivering bespoke digital experiences


We Are Jawesome

We‘re an indie programming team based in Porto whose main focus is to build and deliver bespoke websites and web apps according to your needs.

Combining more than 10 years of experience developing web applications, our multidisciplinary approach to development makes us ideal partners for your burgeoning business and ensure you always get the most of your budget.

Are you a company looking to establish a responsive website fitting your brand? Are you a designer looking for a partner in development and hosting? Hit us up at hello@jawesome.dev

  • The Stack

    Our websites and web apps are developed and hosted in the EU using 100% Open Source Software. We build them using Python/Django, CSS/SASS, Javascript and React. We normally do not manage emails but have partners who do.

  • Communication

    We are developers, not salespeople. We'll keep you informed on what's best for your use case and budget and what are the current best practices. We stay in touch in every step of the process.

  • Premium Support

    We won't stop communicating after delivery. Hosting management and support is included in your plan (within reason).

  • Accessibility

    Sometimes able-bodied people tend to forget the web is open for all. We go to great lengths to create semantic code and do our utmost to share this concern with the client.


  • Web Development

    Our main clients are designers who're looking for partners to help build their vision, but we also offer options for end clients on a tight budget. Need a store, a web app or a simple one-page site? Feel free to contact us.

  • Hosting

    We might provide hosting services. Our servers are based in Germany and are managed exclusively by us following best security and backup practices, including regular audits by independent contractors.

  • Consulting

    Do you need a secure CMS? Someone to keep an eye on your servers? Are you unsure about accessibility? What technology to use? We can offer consulting services at competitive rates.

  • Django
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • Javascript
  • React
  • Python
  • Linux

Meet the Team

  • MarcosMarcos


    Senior Python/Django developer, DevOps, Team leader, Helpdesk and Sci-fi Geek

  • SoniaSonia


    Frontend developer (React.js, HTML/SASS, Javascript, jQuery), Consulting


General Inquiries: hello@jawesome.dev
Support: support@jawesome.dev